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beginner video editing software
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The best beginner video editing software makes it really simple to cut together professional-looking videos complete with VFX, even if you’ve never made a movie before.

With video content becoming more important for businesses and content creators, we’ve seen a massive surge in beginner-friendly video editors flood the market. Unlike many of the best video editing software we’ve reviewed, these accessible apps let you get really creative with everything from social media clips to full-length feature films. If you’re looking to simplify post-production, there’s no better place to start.

The best video editing applications are available for iOS, Android, and iPad.

  • Adobe Premiere Elements

Although Premiere Elements is Adobe’s simple video editing program, the company provides a variety of video editors, from Premiere Pro to Rush which are one of the best beginner video editing software. It is completely free to use, really easy to get started with learning the ropes, and features Adobe’s innovation and user experience.

As your abilities develop, Premiere Elements is an excellent starting point for exploring Adobe’s creative suite, making the transition to the more sophisticated Premiere Pro simpler.

We were thrilled to discover that Premiere Elements allows you to switch between multiple interfaces based on your level of experience when we evaluated it.

It’s a pretty good addition to allow a wider user base to utilize the editing software. There are also useful videos and guidelines available to help you comprehend and apply pro-level approaches.

  • Cyber Link Power Director

Cyber Link Power Director is a feature-rich and potent product designed primarily for prosumers. However, we discovered that the user-friendly interface was excellent for acclimating you and expanding with your abilities as you get better. On smartphones, there is even an app for editing videos.

You’ll feel completely at ease using Power Director if you have even the slightest familiarity with video editing software. Everything is in its proper place and functions as it should.

We valued the software’s capacity to manage a variety of tasks without compromising stability or efficiency, from simple editing assignments to intricate final edits.

We were very pleased with the presence of keyframing tools and a sizable animation library throughout our testing. When you include effects, transitions, and titling tools, you have a rather robust video editing package that can be used by both novice and expert editors.

  • Wonder share Filmora

Wonder share’s Filmora appears to be designed with novices in mind, but it offers a wide array of editing features if you can get past a few interface glitches. It’s also reasonably priced, which is one of the best beginner video editing software if you’re just getting started.

The timeline interface of the video editing program is simple enough for novice users to get used to, and its animated tooltips make editing more convenient.

A feature that is rare in video editing software is built-in screen recording. Absolute novices will also value the ability to instantly alter a clip’s aspect ratio, lengthen or shorten it, and apply more than 20 filters.

  • Clip champ

With features designed for both beginners and those wishing to quickly produce a large number of visually appealing videos, Clip champ is an excellent location to begin your video editing adventure.

You may use this beginner-friendly video editing program on your browser, so a powerful computer is not necessary. There’s also a desktop program for Windows. No more, no less—it has what the majority of users will require.

Canva is a major source of inspiration for the user interface, but that’s a good thing. It indicates that everything is clearly marked out and simple to locate. It just takes some clipping, dragging, and dropping to put a video together. Support for several tracks is available for more complicated applications.

  • Magix Movie Studio

Recent engine upgrades and feature improvements have made Magix Movie Studio an excellent choice for novice users looking for video editing software.

Novice users won’t find the timeline interface difficult to use, and Magix Movie Studio now has larger buttons and grips for video clips, which greatly facilitates precise editing.

Improvements have also been made to the primary preview page, which now makes it simple to move images and other information around to make collages and split-screen content.

There are many video templates made to match the aspect ratios of particular social networking sites, and footage from a smartphone will be automatically cropped.


  • Which video editor is the simplest for novices?


It’s advised to start with a simple, user-friendly tool like Filmora or iMovie if you’re new to video editing. However, it makes sense to take Media Composer | First into consideration if you’re a rapid learner hoping to advance professionally in cinema and television.

  • What video editing software do most YouTubers use?


The best beginner video editing softwares are, in general, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Filmora, and ShotCut. Our posts on the finest editing software for YouTube videos and the video editing app Tik Tokers use could also be of interest to you.

  • Does Filmora suit novices well?


I can easily explore Filmora and conduct a variety of editing tasks because to its user-friendly interface and it is one of the best beginner video editing softwares. It is therefore a fantastic choice for both seasoned and inexperienced editors

  • Is learning video editing simple?


For the novice, video editing might be difficult. Fortunately, you can easily start creating better-quality material and mastering the art of video editing if you have the necessary resources and information at your disposal. Whatever type of material you produce, it’s a good idea to become familiar with the fundamentals of video editing.

  • Is it simple to use Cap Cut?


Cap Cut is a surprisingly potent mobile and tablet video editing tool available for iOS and Android. It’s simple to use and offers a ton of amazing free tools.


When it comes to selecting the best video editing software for a novice, there is no right or wrong answer. During the creative process, it might depend on a multitude of things, sometimes even coming down to choosing the one you simply “feel” like you should.

If you’re looking for a beginner’s video editor, though, you should definitely check out Adobe Premiere Elements, Filmora, Cyber Link Power Director, and Clip champ. Each one has something to offer a variety of use cases and ability levels.

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