Diamond Shilajit Case Study

Diamond Shilajit is an organic food producer that extracts shilajit from northern Pakistan and distributes it nationwide. They came to us seeking a comprehensive digital...
Diamond Shilajit

Leveraging Digital Marketing to Generate Qualified Diamond Shilajit Leads


Diamond Shilajit is an organic food producer that extracts shilajit from northern Pakistan and distributes it nationwide. They came to us seeking a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to reach a wider audience and build a social media presence. The client also wanted content creation and video production services.


Diamond Shilajit faced a number of challenges:

Bad Experiences

The client had bad experiences working with past agencies as they weren’t able to produce leads at all.


They had a result-oriented mindset and didn’t want to waste time and the budget for non-qualified leads.

Lead Qualification

The client didn’t want a large number of leads instead, they required maximum qualified leads so their individual resource could handle them easily.


The client was non-technical, had less budget, and couldn’t afford an in-house team. They wanted to focus on their work and wanted the agency to manage all digital tasks.


Our digital marketing agency engaged with the client and discussed their industry, unique selling points, qualification criteria for grants and developed a multi-faceted strategy to address the clients’ challenges:

Digital Presence

We conducted a thorough audit of the client’s digital presence and set up their website, social media platforms & local business profile on Google My Business.

Content Marketing

We developed unique selling points, headlines, descriptions, and content for their landing pages, creatives, and digital platforms. We wrote blogs for their website to attract relevant traffic.

Social Media Marketing

We created and managed Seven Star’s social media accounts on platforms such as Facebook, and Instagram.

Tracking and Analytics

We used web analytics and tracking tools to monitor the performance of our campaigns, making data-driven adjustments as needed to increase results.

Paid Advertisement

We ran targeted pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns on Google and lead-generation campaigns on social media platforms. Campaigns were tailored to reach potential audiences based on demographics, interests, and online behavior.


We focused our efforts towards delivering consistent results during our first 3 months for our engagement for Diamond Shilajit leads. Initially, the client faced frustration due to complications and restrictions which prompted us to accelerate our efforts. We proactively engaged with the client and worked on removing the complications and informing the client about necessary requirements. The customer had inconsistent outcomes in the second month, which naturally caused some uncertainty. However, our team’s persistent confidence, data analysis, and thorough problem-solving gave the client the certainty they needed. As a consequence, the client’s attitude had changed to one of enthusiasm and excitement by the time we reached the third month. They were aggressively pushing us to increase the campaigns’ scope, demonstrating the outstanding results of our teamwork. With a little arithmetic, the customer can now easily accomplish their future goals thanks to a clear roadmap.


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